Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Our Way Of Freakin' Insanity

If nothing in the world has ever scared you before then this most certainly will. A quotation from the 'Our Way Of Life' website (image as well):

For those of you who cherish a very special way of life...If you're a member of a "minority," then our country's media will always present you in a positive context, and will celebrate your way of life. But what if you--and your ancestors--have consciously, willingly, and joyously built our traditions from within, rather than attacked them from without? What if you'd rather earn a living by contributing to our country than cash in on the privileges granted to those who declare themselves its "victims"? What if you've never celebrated a meaningless multicultural "holiday season," but you've always celebrated the spiritual richness of Christmas? What if you'd rather do what your sense of good and evil tells you is right than what your sense of political correctness tells you is inoffensive?

Read on it gets scarier. Visit the site, poke around a bit, buy a gun and hide in your fallout shelter 'cause these wackjobs are reallly out there.


At 15:47, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's so "scary" about this? I took a quick look at the site & it looked like a mixture of traditional conservatives and some racialist elements... but no camouflage wearing wackos.


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