Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The Artful Dodger

Well the s**t is truly hitting the fan in Washington over allegations that Karl Rove leaked the identity of a CIA agent to a reporter. Scott McClellan, the White House Press Secretary, got absolutely battered on the topic:
The 32-minute pummeling was perhaps the worst McClellan received since he got the job two years ago. His eyes were red and tired. He wiggled his foot nervously behind the lectern and robotically refused to answer no fewer than 35 questions about Rove and the outing of the CIA's Valerie Plame. Twenty-two times McClellan repeated that an 'ongoing' investigation prevented him from explaining the gap between his past statements and the facts. -Washington Post
For a very amusing transcript click here. It's kind of fun when a professional political operative gets battered around a bit by the lowly media. It looks like Rove is hosed. Now, you may all dance with joy in your cubicles.


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At 15:02, Anonymous JollyRoger said...

McClellan has to be the worst Press Secretary in the history of the position. He is painful to watch.

At 19:49, Blogger Mitch said...

Isn't that a photo of an Umpa Lumpa?


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