Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Why Drunks And Zoos Don't Mix

A night on the town gone horribly (hillariously) wrong:

A drunk Ukrainian who boasted to friends of his amazing strength was left fighting for his life when he picked a fight with a 42 stone (558 pound!) grizzly bear. The 22 year-old man, not named, had been drinking with friends in the town of Cherkask when he decided to show them how strong he was by wrestling with the biggest animal he could find. They went to the local zoo where he climbed over the railings into the bear cage and started to hit one of them on the leg. The bear pushed the man away with a swipe of his paw but when the man hit him again the bear pinned him to the ground and began mauling him. - Ananova

Needless to say the guy is in the hospital in critical condition.


At 22:24, Anonymous Jiri said...

Too bad the zoo in Cherkask doesn't have one of them ligers.

At 14:07, Blogger Johnny Wadd said...

Much like rednecks who race trains, this is another example of god trying to kill of the stupid.


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