Thursday, July 21, 2005

Hate Is As Hate Does

It looks as if the latest incident in London is very minor compared to the tragedy of two weeks ago. One thing, however, has become abundantly clear - the U.K. needs to buckle down and draft better anti-hate legislation. The homegrown terrorist is fast becoming a scary reality and guys like Sheik Omar Bakri aren't helping things any:
The Muslim cleric who last year predicted that al Qaeda would attack London said Wednesday that the British government was partly responsible for the July 7 attacks that killed 56 people. "People look and say I'm responsible; I know the British government is to blame," Sheik Omar Bakri Mohammad told CNN's Nic Robertson. -
Hate-mongers shouldn't pass the buck so fast and MUST be held accountable by the gov't for their words. A few juicy tidbits from/about Sheik Bakri:
If Europe fails to heed Mr. bin Laden's offer of a truce — provided that all foreign troops are withdrawn from Iraq in three months — Muslims will no longer be restrained from attacking the Western countries that play host to them, the sheik said. "All Muslims of the West will be obliged," he said, to "become his sword" in a new battle. Europeans take heed, he added, saying, "It is foolish to fight people who want death — that is what they are looking for." - NY Times (April 26, 2004)
Ooh, here's another enlightened comment:
The radical leader has recently defended the Madrid bombers and told young British Muslims, some as young as ten, that they must "kill and be killed" for Islam; that "suicide bombers would be guaranteed a place in paradise"; and even that they should consider "flying a plane into 10 Downing Street"..."Prepare as much as you can from strength and from force to terrorise - because terrorism it is part of Islam." - BBC (April 5th 2004)
I'm a big fan of free speech but enough is enough. Send this guy packing.


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