Sunday, June 19, 2005

The Perfect Crap

Ahhh, another beauty movie review from These guys crack me so thoroughly up:

You know, The Perfect Man really caught me off guard. Not because it's a terrible Frankenstein mishmash of contrivances; not because it's pointless waste of time and money; and not because it shames the usage of an artistic medium. What really caught me off guard was how offensive all of it was. Quite simply put: This film is bad for you. Seriously, this stupid teeny rom-com has the capacity to assault both the IQ and the quality of life of anyone who has the misfortune to see it.


At 09:39, Blogger Reeno said...

Dang! The pain of hurtful reviews. Any inclination to see this movie has been.. wait.. I was NEVER going to see this screen fulla crap.

At 13:53, Anonymous Caitlin said...

Heather Locklear will never achieve the same success as she did on Dynasty 20 years ago. Plus, I liked her hair better "feathered". But no matter how bad, at least Heather is still making movies. I doubt that Joan Collins and Linda Evans can say the same thing. The last time I saw Joan was on an episode of "Roseanne" circa 1992. And she still alive??


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