Friday, June 17, 2005

Cruise Missile Goes Off

God help us all. It's official, Captain Scientology (seen above doing his patented 'My penis is this big' move) proposed to Katie Holmes last night at the Eiffel Tower:
Appearing with Holmes at a Paris news conference, the 42-year-old revealed how he had chosen the city of romance to make his move. "Yes I proposed to Kate last night ... because it is very beautiful and romantic here," Cruise said, smiling and exchanging glances with Holmes, who was sitting in the audience. "I haven't slept all night. It's very exciting and very beautiful," Cruise said... - Reuters
Where's the 'barf up my breakfast' emoticon?


At 09:26, Blogger Reeno said...

omg.. it's official. This boy is looney. But yet, I'm still going to check out War of the Worlds.

At 09:48, Blogger Reeno said...

check it:

At 18:02, Blogger Mitch said...

Have we got a pool on how long before he's on to his next "marriage"?


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