Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Hidden Cause Of Slow Economy

This just in: The Bush administration isn't to blame for the poor U.S. economy! The real reason you ask? Wacko Jacko and Terry Schiavo. The thousands of people who apparently have no-jobs (and lives) that lived for weeks on end in 'Schiavo-Town' and Camp Innocence crushed the economy under the weight of their own inactivity. There they were, cheering, screaming, protesting, but most importantly not working, not paying taxes, and not spending money. The capitalist juggernaut didn't stand a chance. Man you could write a thesis on this. Stay tuned next week for a lecture on how Brangelina and Bennifer have corrupted the family unit and unravelled the moral fibre of America. Scheduled Guest Speakers: Dr. Phil, Anne Coulter, and Jennifer Anniston.


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