Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Cruise Missile Part Deux

I promise that, unless Maverick goes totally bonkers, this will be my last Cruise Missile post. I couldn't pass this up:
Tom Cruise’s sci-fi seduction technique scared the bejeezus out of Scarlett Johansson, a source close to the actress says. Weeks before he began wooing his brainwashed bride-to-be, Cruise made repeated phone calls to the 19-year-old starlet—who was then set to co-star with him in Mission Impossible III—imploring her to meet him at the Scientology Celebrity Center in L.A.
And it continued within the lair of the beast:
After two hours of proselytizing, our source says Cruise opened a door to reveal a second room full of upper-level Scientologists who had been waiting to dine with the pair, at which point the cool-headed ingenue politely excused herself. Soon after the meeting, Johansson dropped out of Mission Impossible III - Radarmagazine.com
Luckily she escaped before the ceremonial reading of the Battlefield Earth Script....*shudder...


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