Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Wacko Jacko Gets Off

I've reduced the image a bit for obvious reasons. CNN, in its infinite wisdom, is reporting that:
...a comeback for self-titled 'King of Pop' would be tough.
Wow, that's impressive journalism. Could this be the reason:

...he also alienated many in the music industry with a press conference he gave in July 2002 when he called former Sony Music executive Tommy Mottola -- Jackson's then boss -- "racist" and "very, very devilish." Jackson also held up a picture of Mottola smeared with a pitchfork and devil horns. - CNN

Or maybe...I dunno...just a guess...a comeback might be tough because...er... HE'S A F***ING FREAK (see above pic for confirmation).


At 14:19, Blogger Reeno said...

I can't believe this nutjob got off on ALL counts. He could have at least received a slap on the wrist for getting those kids sloshed.

Moral of this story: you have money in America, and you can do anything kids!


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