Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Compassion Of The Mel?

I know the justice system is a little flawed but this seems incredibly unreasonable:

An Idaho drifter convicted of stalking Mel Gibson was sentenced Wednesday to three years in prison. Zack Sinclair, who had confronted Gibson after the release of the actor-director's film The Passion of the Christ, was convicted in March. - MSN Entertainment

Clearly this Sinclair guy is a little unbalanced, I mean he REALLY liked The Passion of The Christ. Sinclair probably belongs in a mental institution not a prison. Especially considering Mel's testimony at the trial:
"He wasn't scary or overly threatening," Gibson testified today of his face-to-face encounter with Sinclair, who was escorted out of the chapel after the incident. "But he didn't have a sense of personal boundaries."..."My wife was upset and worried. She didn't want to find him in the living room drinking tea," - Christian News
So this guy gets 3 years for NOT being threatening or scary, and because having tea apparently scares the bejeezus out of Mrs. Gibson? Now that I think about it, having tea with the Gibson flock is kind of frightening.


At 17:16, Blogger Johnny Wadd said...

That does seem a little harsh considering like you said he wasn't threatening or scary.

What about all those women killed by their abusive and certianly threatening ex's because all they could get was a piece of paper called a retraining order.

I guess they didn't have mel gibson's money.


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