Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Second Coming

According to legitimate and dependable sources War of the Worlds, suprisingly, doesn't suck. Only time will tell if Tommy's blossoming relationship with (brainwashing of) Katie Holmes will help or hurt the flick at the box-office. We have to remember that before dating Scientology's Messianic Cruise Missile , Katie had a fine acting career of her own so her motives are as pure as Olsen grade blow . I'm sure alienating everyone who's ever been in therapy (92.6% of L.A. and NYC) isn't going to help.


At 15:09, Blogger Brad said...

No, it doesn't suck, but it's sure not good.

Some of the finest shots that anyone's filmed, let alone Spielberg, pop up in the first hour. Unfortunately, a giant anus tries to eat Mr. Cruise.

A deeply confused movie that's ultimately very worth watching but very aggravating.

Cool site, though.


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