Monday, May 30, 2005

Earth Shattering News: "Trust in Politicians Slipping"

Cartoon courtesy of the Globe and Mail.

Are you sitting down? A new poll suggests that...wait for it... Canadians don't trust politicians! Holy crap! I'm stunned, shattered, devastated - my once optimistic world-view has been crushed. This really comes as a wait it doesn't at all. Did someone really have to commission a study to find this out:

23 per cent of those polled said none of the parties is best able to run a government with honesty and integrity, an increase of five percentage points from last year.

The saddest part? Apparently, the following constitutes a 'glimmer of hope' for our fearless leaders:
72 per cent of people polled agreed with the statement "You don't really expect that politicians will keep their election promises once they are in power." In 2004, 75 per cent of those asked agreed with that statement.-c/o


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