Thursday, May 26, 2005

Say it ain't so...

Everyone's favourite mormon super genius lost last night in the final round of Jeopardy's Ultimate Tournament of Champions. Not only did he lose he kind of got his ass handed to him by Brad Rutter, who's final three day score was $62,000. Jennings posted a dissapointing total of $34,599.

Rutter correctly ventured "Who are Carpenter and Cooper?" to the final Jeopardy!answer: "The names of these two original Mercury astronauts who orbited Earth in May 1962 and May 1963 are also occupations." Sensing he was about to lose, the amiable Jennings wrote "Go Brad" as part of his incorrect final answer after the three-day finals. His second-place win earned him $500,000 US.

But don't lament too much for the ousted Jeopardy Super Champ, the gravy train hasn't been derailed yet:

On Monday, Comedy Central announced that Jennings would star in a new game show for the cable network. He is also set to release a book in 2006 and an upcoming board game entitled Can You Beat Ken?. -c/o


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