Thursday, May 26, 2005

Incredibly Shrinking Lindsay

I came across this vidcap from a recent SNL episode and couldn't believe it. I gather Ms. Lohan has vehemently denied that she has an eating disorder and insists she's just "losing her baby fat". No wonder young girls in North America have self-image issues. Her freakin' arms look like toothpicks! Nothing like a diet chock full of vodka red bulls and ephedrine. You'd think one of her publicists, or assistants could make her a sandwich.

Oh and apparently Disney has been digitally editing some Herbie Fully Loaded promo material:

Bouncy teen pinup Lindsay Lohan may be a little too, well, bouncy, for Disney. Moms at early test screenings of "Herbie: Fully Loaded" clucked about her being too prominent upfront to the point that execs spent more than $1 million to digitally downsize La Lohan's bosom and draw in higher necklines, reports Us Weekly. Lindsay's rep laughed off allegations of any alterations ... -New York Daily News

Have no fear the digital detectives at Defamer are on the case!


At 10:50, Blogger Amanda said...

ha! Finally, someone else who thinks that she is melting..


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