Friday, May 27, 2005

The Last Wingnut

Tom Cruise's recent appearance on Oprah was the most shameless display of celebrity ass-kissing - The entire interview can be summed up by "You're great Tom!", "Awww shucks, you're great too you know?", "No really Tom, you so cute" - Meanwhile he's leaping around the stage like a cornered squirrel on amphetamines. Oprah ate it up and I'm sure some of the ladies in the audience had to be sedated.

But last night on Access Hollywood the pint sized scientologist confirmed that he is completely nuts. Preaching the virtues of his "religion" Cruise railed against the use of psycho-tropic drugs like Paxil:

Tom Cruise has declared a public war on psychiatrists because he fears the "pseudo-science" has led to a drug-fuelled crisis for today's children. Becoming a scientologist in 1984 made the actor look closely at the controversial religion's anti-psychiatry stance, and he has since become a firm believer that the science and the medicating of children is wrong. The movie hunk declares, " I'm going right after psychiatry and these false labels and this pseudo-science."The actor also maintains that poor results in education in America can be blamed on mind-altering drugs that are given to children.-c/o

Hey, I'm no movie star or scientologist (read: wackjob) but maybe the real problem with the American schools is the Bush administration? The No Child Left Behind Act is pretty much a political smokescreen left over from his "compassionate conservative" election platform. No sorry, I'm wrong...Maverick is's the drugs, of course!


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