Monday, July 25, 2005

The Loathsome Michael Bay

Pajiba's resident crusty bastard, Dustin Rowles, sums up his hate for Michael Bay in such a poetic way:

There is no director working in Hollywood today who is more responsible for the detritus we have to sit through summer after summer than fucking Michael Bay, who — along with his producer/partner Jerry Bruckheimer — created the overlybudgeted, plot-repellant, blow-some-shit-up blockbuster concept...Yeah, it’s Michael Bay’s influence that is responsible for the celluloid offal that permeates our multiplexes now, from National Treasure to Independence Day to that god-awful Godzilla remake. There is no director that I detest as much as Michael Bay, because it is he who epitomizes all that is rotten with a Hollywood studio system that extracts half a day’s wages from a family of four and offers little other than celluloid sewage in return. If it weren’t for my vehement desire to steer at least one – just one! – potential attendee away from a Michael Bay film, then I wouldn’t bother reviewing his films myself, so much do I loathe his mindless, sensory over-killing oeuvre.

Amazingly enough his review of The Island is pretty positive. All in all a very impressive piece of hate-filled writing.


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