Friday, June 10, 2005

Vive La Quebec Libre!

This won't have any relevance to anyone living outside Canada. Christ, it might not have any relevance to anyone living outside Quebec or Ontario, but I can't pass this up. This pisses me off to no freakin' end and our retarded government is too busy clowning around with Gomery to take notice of another brewing national crisis. Some have said that the biggest fallout of the sponsorship scandal will be the rebirth (or revitalization) of Separatism and a renewed fight for Quebec sovereignty. Well blow me down, the f***ing seeds of discontent are being sown as we speak:
The Office Québécois de la langue française has ordered the town of Richmond to virtually ban English, the association charges. The Townshippers say the English-speaking minority is being unjustly punished. Officials from the OLF recently did a routine check at the Richmond municipal offices to see whether the town was applying the language laws. In a letter, the language police ordered drastic changes, including: The town can no longer have a bilingual telephone message. All employees must speak French in the workplace. English labels on the fax machine and air conditioner will have to be changed to French. -
Zut Alors! Not only is this ridiculous, it's probably unconstitutional! Words (in English or freakin'french) cannot express how mad I am right now...


At 10:10, Anonymous Jiri said...

Ha! Hmm, You are probably right that banning bilingual phone messages and forcing employees to speak only French in illegal under Canadian law. As for removing English labels from fax machines and air conditioners - that's just silly.

But I don't think that a separatist movement can bring any real crisis to Canada. Even if Quebec separates from Canada - so what? The maps will look different, but after two or three years people will live in the same way - workers will commute between Ontario and Quebec, English will still be taught in Quebec schools and French in Ontario ones, and everyine will still love hockey and poutine. Borders don't matter that much - they are just lines on a map. What does matter is the attitude different peoples have toward each other.

At 10:42, Blogger Alius said...

good point jiri

At 21:46, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You people have touchy-feely issues.

At 11:01, Anonymous Marie-Alexianne said...

Je n'ai qu'une seule chose à vous dire, à vous les canadiens-anglais...VIVE LE QUÉBEC LIBRE!!!

Bonne journée!..

At 19:28, Anonymous Matteus said...

Je t'appuis Marie-Alexianne ! Vive le Québec Libre !!!

(I'm all the way with Marie-Alexianne ! Yes to a Free Quebec !)

That's not because we don't love you, canadians, but because we are french and we want to stay french too !

Good day to all of you, Canada !



At 19:12, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vous comprenez jamais rien

plus que javais je pense que lindépendance est nécessaire

At 18:25, Anonymous Véronique said...

Ahhh vous les Canadiens m'exaspérer !!

Vive la liberté!
Vive l'Indépendance!


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